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This is how Graves Disease Feels

There are days like today I can't even get out of bed .
 I have TED ( thyroid eye disease ) so driving can be challenging some days too .  I call myself very lucky to have found a fantastic ocular specialist and every few months I have to have Medrol Infusions (IV therapy ) three times a week .
I also am one of the rare people that have Pretibial Myexedma .  It's a skin condition on my calves that requires steroid cream and is painful and red and there isn't a cure. The best they can do is inject steroids into the areas. It's very disturbing but I would rather be proactive with my disease. 
This autoimmune disease is so complicated and I require regular blood work . 
I had a thyroidectomy so I take medication to keep me alive . It's a syndrome 
In short, it effects my whole system . Endocrine, adrenal, etc . 
This disease is hereditary . 
This disease causes brain fog . 
I thought after two bouts of breast cancer I had had my fill, but it seems I have more challenges .
The …

Fighting Grave's Bravely

It's been a long ride this past year.  I have not been feeling well for the last few YEARS and visited  many doctors. The worst part of this diagnosis besides extreme fatigue, was the not knowing factor ... My eyes had been giving me problems and I went to opthomologists in Georgia than Virginia. I can't begin to tell you the frustration I felt.  My primary care doctor would come in and I would lie on the bed waiting for her, that's how tired I was . I have fibromyalgia and of course breast cancer twice and knew every time I was ill .  The hard part was convincing my doctors that I needed answers . The bizarre fact was one blood test that showed my thyroid levels were changing rapidly .  I was bouncing from hypothyroidism to hyperthyroidism. I was told that I had Graves' disease by my Opthomologist ! I went to endocrinologist and a barrage of blood work ensued . My endocrinologist said DO NOT go to my month long journey through Italy . I went . I did not regret it but I…