Thursday, December 13, 2007

phone tag-you're it!

I just received yet another "new and improved" free cell phone from my carrier. I have been saving my phones, since they are all in working condition. Than, last week, I came upon an idea, one that I feel is apropos for the "Forgotten Ones Fund". I remember how many times I have been situations that I wish I could have had a phone to call for help. Too many times in fact. The women, men and children that are in shelters or homeless, need a way to protect themselves, and what better way than to provide a cell phone. You can get them set up to call 911 without cost to the holder...I encourage you to donate your "old, but still usable" phones to this worthy cause. Call your local city and they will be only too happy to provide you phone numbers of shelters and other places. The recipients will be so grateful and don't forget the wall chargers to accompany the phones. What a wonderful philanthrophic way to help provide a safety net for many in need of that "911" call.
I also want to encourage you to clean out your closets and drop off your wearable extra winter gear (coats, scarfs, gloves.) You can call your local hospital and drop them off. They can REALLY use them. There are many wards filled with poverty stricken people that are ill, physically and mentally. A lot of the people in the psychiatric wards only have the clothes on their backs. I promise you, this could be the greatest holiday gift you could provide. There are so many ways to give. These are just a few examples. I have a friend that is a nurse at one of the local hospitals. I went with her to the psychiatric ward, and brought a bag of clothes. I never realized that my warm coats, gloves, sweaters, that were in my closet, could bring such bright smiles of gratefulness. It could be the catalyst to go forward in their lives. There is much sadness that can be slightly alleviated this Holiday season, One person's seemingly outdated coat could be another person's way to keep warm this winter! Provide hope!