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~Cancer Free and 60 years old. My anti cancer diet.~

I just turned 60..yes, this is a recent photo.
 I stay on an anti-cancer diet. No white food, processed food and I don't eat meat except Bison and antibiotic free organic meat.   I believe that there are no diets really, only a lifestyle. I am a size three and I maintain my weight because I learned how to cook  
Mediterranean style and I incorporate the meals my Italian Grandmother and Father taught me.  It's simple really.  I can teach you too.

** Don't let anyone take away your sparkle **

I have always been Superwoman At least that was what everyone thought..  I never thought much about my energy level since I had to juggle work, single motherhood, school.  Than my father said one day that if he owned a business he would make me CEO. I was organized, never tired and I just was that type A woman.
Than after my last cancer surgery I lost my energy.  I lost my appetite.  I couldn't sleep well. I have been trying to figure out why with my doctors. Fibromyalgia, anemia,. I just thought it is something else. I didn't give up I barely made it through the day..oh it must be depression.  All the diagnoses and pills and still I didn't feel like me. I knew that my energy was gone but also I didn't feel happy and I was always irritable. Finally I walked to my car last Friday and could barely make it out the door. I was pale and my eyes were blurry.  Driving was concerning. I just had to have some answers.  I have been too tired to shop! I actually ordered my groceries and picke…