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it's that time again~Breast cancer awareness month

I just had great news.  I have been having regular six  month ultrasounds and MRI's once a year to check on a node that has been bothering me under my implant. I am happy to say that it has shrunk in size!  I believe that this is because of my anti cancer diet which I will be posting .  I learned how to eat a MEditerranean diet since I grew up in an all Italian family and heritage.  It turns out that all the veggies and small amounts of sugar and meat has really helped..I will be posting and concentrating on diet  on next blog post.
 My Grandma and my Dad were right..we did not eat processed food and we ate many bright vegetables.  I also learned that frozen vegetable and fruit can be used and in many cases much healthier than fresh.  We don't know how long the produce has been sitting and with frozen food they are fresh when packed. Stay away from anything that has allot of words you can't pronounce. I do eat pasta with only semolina flour and no I will not give that up. W…