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lost blogs found....a new beginning

Wishing you health, happiness, and hope for the coming hectic days.
I will be very busy gathering gifts and elves to share the Holiday season for the ones that can appreciate the gift of caring...
Please take the time to put a smile on the face of a fallen angel...Here's an idea!
I experienced this yeaterday when I was coming home. I went to fill up my car and thought it would take 40 dollars to fill my tank, but much to my surprise the tank made it to only 30 dollars. I had already paid so I asked the woman to put the 10 dollars on to the next gas customer that came was a nice feeling, and i went out of the lot hoping that I had replaced a frown of frustration regarding the gasoline prices, and replaced it with a smile...pass it on...

To help others you must take care of yourself..

Forgotten Ones Fund/To help others you must take care of yourself.
Last week,it was my Dad's first year since he passed
It has taken me one year to get over the pain of all the years of watching him gasp for breath. Devoting all my time to his needs. I know now that I am doing the right thing, by moving on with my life.
Time has been good to me and provided me with many tools. One of them is realizing that I can't please everyone. There will always be the doubters, the naysayers. Even your family can try and break your spirit.
I have taken time the last month to take care of myself and design a program initiating conscious awareness. To help others, you must take care of yourself. It has been a month of self reflection and plans. Plans and packing. I have come to the awareness that no woman is a mountain. Even me! I am not a rock. And I have feelings. I am now planning a move, and it has taken a lot of my time. I wanted to discover what direction my energy will take while I am i…

And along came a stranger ..

...homeless doesn't define who you are...
..along came a stranger..
I was in my garage when I heard a faint knock on my door, after asking who he was I opened the door. He greeted me with a warm smile holding a bottle of Mountain Dew. He had no tools, or lawn mower, and he came on foot. "would you like me to mow your lawn?" he asked...
It was obvious from the height of the grass that I definitely needed his help...the teenager that had been doing it, flaked out, and I hadn't seen him for weeks.."yes", I answered..there's a lawn mower and trimmer in the garage"..
He got right to work and I was amazed how polite and anxious he was to please me...I was surprised that I felt the sincerity...I might not have earlier in my life. I could have called a service but wasn't thinking about it at the time...It's not usual for me to open the door for a stranger..but my gut told me that we needed each other. And we did. After the grass was cut and trimmed,…

A look back...lost blogs found!

Forgotten Ones Fund

Forgotten Ones was set up to help the women, men and children that do not fit into the system..I have spoken about this at length on Madame Arcati blog
I have experienced times in my life that I needed a helping hand and this is what my charity is set up to do. I have already contributed many furnishings to women and their homeless families and help in the form of clothes, and other furnishings. I have given them all I could give of my time and proceeds from my art work.
I am proud to have been a part of her site and related my experiences so that others won't be intimidated by the system. I can make a difference. One person can. It has been a long road to get here, but I am making it a cause that I am adamant about. Madame Arcati has been so kind in her support to me including putting up my art for sale. A percentage of these sales will go towards a helping hand when needed. I know what it is like to be ina place where you never thought it could happen …