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Is there more to life than flesh and bone?

Lately I have been fascinated with the commments that have been posted on Madame Aracti's site regarding religion and spirituality. It is clear that this is a very sensitive subject.
I have recently been informed that yet another suspiscious and possible health scare must be addressed.
I can sit at home and feel sorry for myself..there is always that possibility, but will that help me, or others?
To get to the point. I have learned that helping others will always make you feel a spritual high. That is how I describe it.
I will not leave this world without a there more to life than flesh and are damn right! It's what's inside that has an impact. Not what is written in a book. I truly believe that if we don't practice what we preach, we will see a rise in the population of "Forgotten Ones"...
From my viewpoint and hopefully others, the only religion that truly matters is love. When you love your fellow man it can cure disease, and bring o…