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My two battles with cancer/ interview with Madame Arcati

Sunday, March 30, 2008
Stephanie Mastini: 'My two battles with cancer'

Kevin Spacey's former sister-in-law Stephanie Mastini has suffered two bouts of breast cancer in less than two years. Here she gives a graphic account of dealing with her illnesses - and offers advice to women everywhere.

Steph! So glad you're on the mend. Tell us the history of your cancer problems leading up to the recent serious health episode.

It all began on a relaxing sun kissed day. I was enjoying the sun and applying protection lotion when I suddenly felt a small pea-sized lump in my right breast. I knew immediately what it was. It didn’t move like the other cysts I had felt before. I have always had an uncanny way of knowing my body.

I waited a few weeks to gather my thoughts and get prepared. I should have acted immediately. Act quickly. After a few weeks, I asked my internist to feel the lump. She didn’t think I had anything to worry about but had been my doctor for years so she knew m…