Monday, August 8, 2016

Heres how Graves Disease Feels
Please go to this link and you can get an idea how Graves Disease kicks us like a phone battery . There are days like today I can't even get out of bed . I have TED ( thyroid eye disease ) so driving can be challenging some days .  I call myself very lucky to have found a fantastic ocular specialist and every few months I have to have Medrol Infusions (IV therapy ) three times a week .
I also am one of the rare people that have Pretibial Myexedma also .  It's a skin condition on my calves that requires steroid cream and is painful and red .
This disease is so complicated and I require regular blood work . I had a thyroidectomy so I 
take medication to keep me alive . It's a syndrome 
. In short, it effects my whole system . Endocrine, adrenal , etc . 
This disease is hereditary . 
This disease causes brain fog . 

I thought after two bouts of breast cancer I had had my fill, but it seems I have more challenges .
The most important factor that a Graves Disease patient needs is support .
It is a battle going on day by day to charge that battery .
Please don't give up on us . We need you .
Think of Graves as a ship in a storm . Try to hold on for the waves to pass!
UPDATE: I will be having eye decompression surgery in October 2017 . 

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