stephanie mastini returns

Back to New York of course.
I want to start off by thanking many of the people that have helped me along my journey. I have received loving wishes from all facets of the communities, through this entangled web. My move back to New York has been sprinkled with obstacles and emotional times..frustrations, smiles and memories to be relived and renewed friendships...
Now I am here to say that the rewards of the love and caring thoughts sent my way have been inspiring. I needed to get off my pitty pot and start living again...
I am here to tell you that it isn't an easy thing when you have left and come back to a different world, but home. I was faced with having to change my life to a degree and hardest of all, accept help. (something I have not been known to excel at in the past). I realize that the most important part of healing is listening to your body. Slow down and listen, it's totally acceptable to say "no,I can't today" and rest. I have also learned that not only is it healing but it gives you time to think about the important things in life.
I have been writing and healing. Gearing up for an important event.
Please don't be afraid to go and meet new people. For weeks I could not bring myself to go to a support group..."I can't do this", who are these people? I can't talk about how I am feeling; exposed in turned out to be not only the most healing thing I could do for myself but for others. I broke down the first time, and felt a calmness flood over me...
I am planning on some new adventures, and new ventures in my world of "Forgotten Ones"...
Don't give up. Even when you are the lowest, there is always someone out there. Dont' be afraid to reach out. My art is a process, and it involves many turns and twists in life... and this has been a very cathartic stage...

Stay tuned. I am BACK!

with love,


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