When Stephanie smiles~

FLIGHT by steph

I have a wonderful friend. He wrote this song for me.... I was so touched that I wanted to share the lyrics....he is an incredible musician and song writer...I wanted to thank him publicly for his love, and his constant encouragement...I will be having my surgery on Monday...In the meantime...Frank Barrese will be in the recording studio putting the last touches on his tribute..Thank you my wonderful confidante...with love, steph


There's nothing so sweet as when Stephanie smiles
The sun shines much brighter, there's blue skies for miles
The breezes feel blessed, just to blow through her hair
And I am in heaven whenever she's near

There's nothing so sad as when Stephanie's gone
The birds in the trees sing a sad, lonesome song
And I start to hunger for her gentle touch
But I can't let on that I miss her so much
So I suffer in silence and wait patiently
Until Stephanie smiles at me

Stephanie lives in a world beyond mine
And I want to be with her, but I can't cross that line
I bear the burden of love that's in vain
And so I wrote this song 'cause it eases the pain

There's nothing so tender as Stephanie's kiss
No nothing as precious as that could exist
But she's just a dream that can never come true
So I hide my feelings, what else can I do
But suffer in silence and wait patiently
Until Stephanie smiles at me

The pain that life will deliver...can wake us up and deliver us to a state of consciousness in which we can make each moment count and find meaning in our existence.


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