I had my second surgery two weeks ago. I have been thinking how lucky I was this time with my choice of a new surgeon. It truly matters implicitly, who you choose. It is so important to have a team around you that really respects you. I was treated with dignity and the little questions that the surgeon didn't tell me, were answered by my fellow NewYorker plastic surgeon's nurse..it meant so much when I woke up from my surgery, and she was standing there sporting a smile and sense of concern. She was carrying a bag of pretty bras for me to adorn myself. I smiled and realized that sometimes we must drive through the storm to see the sun...
I have much more to let you in on...
I would like any questions regarding reconstruction, no matter how small you might think they are...believe me, they are not..to the placing of pillows when you sleep to how much you should and can do, and for how long..the smallest things can mean so much...ex. don't count on anyone coming to help you cook or clean if you are on your own..plan ahead and freeze all those great meals..healthy anti-cancer meals.\
I have alot of secrets to do that..it takes a few weeks of extra cooking and voila, if you are so exhausted and hurting you have meals..good healthy meals...
I will be talking about that a bit more later on..
take time to smile today..and never forget that there are the rotten lemons out there, but organic lemonade is soooo good for you...once you take all the toxic seeds out...sometimes rotten food is just that...rotten..and they can be grown in the most beautiful gardens, but they can still be toxic....My heart goes out to all the volunteers that are truly angels..it makes up for the "family" narcassistic rotten tomatoes..just remember that it's ok. It's NOT you.. You can pick the people that surround you with love, even if they are not your family...some people are just mean...period. Surround yourself with love...s~


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