A time to go back in time...

I have not disappeared into outerspace everyone....I had some surgery and developed an infection from the IV, and unable to get out of a sling for quite awhile ...also there's the moving thing~
I went to visit my brother in Northern GA a few weeks ago and we had a great time..
I realized that we never really knew each other at all, in the past. It has been a long haul to get back to being brother and sister...he is the only real sibling I have...I learned that life is so much nicer when life is simpler..and slower.
Now I must decide where to move and it's killing me. I should be happy and jumping out of my skin. No responsibilities, except what I want to do. That's a first!..and it would be nice to be near my neice and nephew....but I have to be selfish for once anad think about many things that may compromise my medical condition...
If I do move to the South, I am once again, donating alot of my furniture to women in safe homes..I have been so busy getting this condo sold that I feel that I need to give back more..Remember that when there is rotten blood inside someone you can't change them. I finally figured that out..I have been working on getting toxic people out of my life and it hurts but it's also very cathartic..
So, for now, a new move..and a upcoming trip to ITALY!
Another wonderful surreal event. I met up with a childhood friend after over 35 years..we spent time drinking lemoncello made from moon shine! I had a wonderful time while I was visiting my neice, nephew, brother and my friend Sheryl..We laughed so much it made us cry.. We had not forgotten each other ! Can you imagine talking about Barbie dolls after all those years. It just goes to show you that it is possible to attain that bond that transpired so many years ago...

Namaste and do something nice today for someone..I recently heard of a record number of people paying for a cup of coffee for the person behind them..I have started going to thrift stores again and donating clothes..Believe me, there are name brands all over these shops..Call you nearest shelter and they wil come and pick them up..do it for them. Do it for you..peace.


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