Here we go round the Merry Go round

Here we go round the Merry Go Round

I realize it has been quite an emotional few months since I last has been a challenge adjusting to my new environment. The Northwest can be very beautiful but also very depressing because of the lack of sun. I truly believe that the weather can truly changes one's mood and I found myself sinking deep in an abyss. I became very depressed and despondent and ostracized myself from the outside. I am trying now to get back on the "happiness" road. It's not easy. The cancer medications can create all kinds of side effects including bone pain and that played a big factor with my emotional and mental state. I went off the Aromasin, (an aromatase inhibitor medication) and my horrible bone pain went away for a month! I decided to go back on because the fear of another cancer over rides the physical pain. Yes, it can be debilitating, but when I was asked to weigh the two, I opted to get through the next 3 years on medication.
There is help out there, but I had to be open to getting a second opinion and sometimes cancer patients can feel intimidated for fear that your oncologist will feel slighted. Don't make that mistake. I went for a second opinion about going off my meds and she agreed that it would be OK to stop them for one month to see if it was the Aromasin that was causing me chronic pain. I do hope that I have given a bit of strength to the my cancer sisters and will be OK..take baby steps and never feel guilty about weighing your options.


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