New news..New tumors .

Hi everyone. Life has a way of throwing curve balls.  I just had one thrown directly between my eyes.
I recently had my annual PET testing and CT scan and I was told that a small node was found on my right lung .  I asked my oncologist for more testing and he said I could "wait another six months".  I refuse to take that course and I am following up
With a new oncologist and thoracic surgeon .
My father passed away from lung cancer .  The word "wait" does not exist in my vocabulary.
It's time for action.

An update..I went for my colonoscopy last week and the biopsy shows that  I have four nodes, one is precancerous.
They removed them  and I pray that it was in time ...I eat very well but stress is a huge component ..I didn't stress about my breast cancer but I have noticed that I have not been taking my life day by day.  I stress about the future. Time to stop that behavior since it only hurts me.


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