~~~A Final Farewell~~~

Twenty Years
"I have always loved you" he told me one day in 2011. 

I learned allot from Tony Civilla and now I am saying good bye
He was larger than life and I miss him so much.
He left this world too soon.  What a loss to so many...

I know that he is finally without pain, maybe reading by the ocean...or fishing there.
When the moon comes out all the sadness goes away.
When the stars are bright I look up at the moon and think of all we have been through together.
We really lived life and no one can take away those years.

I know you are up there with my Dad fishing and ruminating, laughing together. they had a mutual admiration and were great story tellers.
I miss your smile, your laugh, your ...your wonderful way of looking at life.
I miss your cookies.
I miss the man that made a big impact on my life.
so many years, so many tears.
Good bye I will see you again
With a wink and a nod you are always in my heart.



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