Thyroid Hug

UPDATE : My ocular specialist has finally told me that I'm ready for eye decompression surgery.  
  I thank God every day for Dr. Thomas Joly.  He has patients that come from all over the world to see him. And I was blessed to finally find him after five eye doctors .   I knew there
Update February 2018

was something wrong with my eyes but I kept getting the brushoff saying I have dry eyes. I would go blind in the middle of the night sometimes. I've been through two years of steroid infusions. It is a temporary fix until my eyes stabilized . In October I will be having the surgery for decompression. I pray this will be 

the last of my eye surgeries.  With this type of surgery there's always a possibility that I could be cross eyed .  If that happens and I pray it doesn't, than I will have to have another surgery.  Don't ever give uP.  I didn't . 


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